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I was born in Kansas City Ks and grew up in the middle of the Dotte, Wyandotte County.  After learning what I could about family from my 3 sisters and  mother, Manhood was found in the street.  Smoking weed, drinking and Mac'en all by age 11.  Too much for Momz, so, she sent me to Houston Texas at age 13, to live with my father of whom i used to visit from time to time.  The Realization of Music came to light while living in Texas. Artist such as Lil KeKe, Big Poke, Fat Pat, UGK, DJ DMD, led me to other southern art outside of texas like Cee-lo, HotBozy, OutKast, TI.  The list is long, but you get the point.  After terrorizing Texas for 4 years I moved back to Kansas with my new ear for music and turned all of my childhood friends on. Hustled, Robbed, Distributed for the next couple years trying to figure it all out, then gambled on the Military.  This is where I learned the technology to make my own music...Now Im back in KC once again.. Turning us On!   Subscribe to my Youtube Channel

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