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Welcome to Real Life's Records.                            The New Movement!

The Movement is about Every One standing up as one and Equal and Changing our own situations. Recognize capabilities of our community.Understand that the only way to succeed, is to uplift community.Understand the benefit of  Investing in City. Unemployment is Rising/ loosing control of our homes and our rights to our city.  We can no longer wait on our Leaders to rebuild our streets, we are capable now.  Register here and start Blogging, tell the world how you feel. What you will build to uplift your City.  Zion is anywhere people come together and built it. I am actually unsure why Entertainers and Athletes don't take say, a million dollars, break it out into 10-30 thousand dollar loans and rebuild the block they grew up on. Any Wizzle, Join the Fan Club, Click the Donate tab and Get Free Beats! Industry Sound For Your Mixtape!!! or What ever you do with Music. Also, We will perform in your City, Bar, Hallway, Front Porch or Back Alley! We can Improve Music Like No Bodies Business. It will Be a Show For You and Yours Exclusively! fuel the movement, Buy the Album and tell Everyone you know.  Real People Moving in Real Directions! Real Life..

 As we all know, music has grown a little stale in the representation of it's true expression. A collaboration of artist and labels from Ks, Tx, La are here with a solution.  Real Life (Ks) HotSauce (La) Dee-Train and E-Dave (Tx).  Download free instrumentals as well as music created by the above mentioned artist.  The featured album for download is the Real Life Album. You can support Real Life by also buying the album below.  Plenty of links for you to educate yourself. There is a new consciousness.  I'll see you in the light.. Real Life.

 Real Life

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Real Life: Real Life

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Home of Fee Instrumentals and Fee Beats!



Home of Fee Instrumentals and Fee Beats!




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